Saturday, January 3, 2015

Deep Cleaning of the Rattery

So once a month I make sure to do a deep cleaning. Here is the process!

1. I pack up all the rats in various travel cages/totes and put them in the kitchen.

 2. All items and cages are moved outside to be scrubbed and hosed.

 3. I take all the water bottle and rinse with hot soapy water. Then they soak in bleach water. Then they have a third rinsing and air dry.

 4. Blankets and hammocks are washed in a vinager and home-made soap mix so there are no allergies or strong smells for the rats.

5. Back in the rat room the concrete floor is mopped with a bleach water solution. The window panels are opened to be aired out (AC unit is turned off at this point) so there is no bleach smell once the rats return. The back wall is also sanitized since the cages back up to this wall.

 6. All clean!


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