Monday, January 15, 2018

AGCR Ruppert x AGCR Lucynda 1/03/18

Sire: Seal-Point Siamese BE rex dumbo standard
Dam: Standard ear, standard black hood

Girls: 3
Boys: 1

Week 2

4 Weeks

                                                                 Keeper Boy

AGCR Ruppert x AGCR Janeway 1/01/18

Sire: Seal-point Siamese BE Rex dumbo standard
Dam: Standard ear, standard, SM agouti 

Girls: 1 (Keeping)
Boys: 2 (Keeping siamese)
Meg: Black dumbo


2.5 Weeks

4 Weeks 

                                                         Boy adopted by Meg

                                                                         Keeper Boy

Thursday, December 28, 2017

TMG Boris x AGCR Lorna 12/22/17

Sire: Marble dwarf dumbo
Dam: Black Silvermane rex downunder dwarf dumbo

Four babies were born: 3 girls and 1 boy. One of the girls is rex.

Adopters of girls:

Tory (3)

Adopters of boys:
Meg (1)

                                                                         One Week

                                                                            Day 10

5 Weeks

                                                    "Vincent" (Boy) adopted by Meg

Thursday, October 12, 2017

AGCR Gaelin x AGCR Vause 10/09/17

 Adopters of Boys: 
Amanda G. and family (3 boys)
Charity (1 boy, hood with head spot)
Me: 1 boy, hooded

Adopters of girls:Corina and family (3 girls)

Me: 2 girls, dwarf hood and bareback SM

BORN!!! 10/08/17

AGCR Gaelin x AGCR Vause (From Sneaky x Piper)

BORN!!! 10/09/17

Eleven babies!!!! (2 for sure dwarf on the right end)

 Mama is enjoying some yogurt with almond meal and shredded carrots, along with her regular mix and some added egg.

AGCR Gaelin x AGCR Meghira 10/08/17

 Adopters of Boys:

Chairy (1 boy)
Me (1 boy)

Adopters of Girls: 

Me (1 girl)

Potential Due Date: October 4th


AGCR Gaelin (From x The Murphey x Halfcaf) X AGCR Meghira (The Murphey x Lacey)

BORN!!! 10/08/17

Four big healthy babies. 3 boys, 1 girl.

Day Four 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

AGCR The Murphy x TMG Jazzie 4/16/17

Easter Babies!!

11 babies: 6 girls and 4 boys

Day One

Day Three
Day Four

Day 9 

Girls (left)
Rex Girls (Left)

Day 11 

 Two weeks

 Dwarf vs Standard

Two Weeks, 2 Days 


                                                                      Three Weeks, 1 Day