Saturday, July 30, 2016

AGCR Vinnie x AGCR Ethel 7/16/16

Recessive Blazed Litter

Ethel (Raised by Sarah)

13 babies

Amanda C (1 siamese)
Me: (2- blue with head spot, wedge)
Sarah N (Breeder: 2, head spot and blue)
Michelle and Olivia C (2 )

Me: (1)
Sarah: (breeder, 2)
Maggie: (3)

Monday, April 25, 2016

TMGR Dain x AGCR Imogene 4/25/16

Sire: Seal-point siamese dumbo rex dwarf
Dam: Agouti roan dumbo dwarf

Male: 2
Female: 3

Adopters of girls:
  • Teri (Standard hood)
  • Mina for breeding (hairless)
  • Me: Rex hood
Adopters of boys:
  • Me: Hood hairless
  • Bil Black 

Day 1: 5 well fed babies! Huzzah!

Day 2: Starting to show some patterns! They are very healthy and mama is doing well.

Day 3: There are three girls: 2 hoodeds and 2 rex, and 2 boys (one hood, one rex)
Day 4: I caught a baby yawning. They're so big now.
Day 5:

Two Weeks Old!! There are two hairless (boy and girl), and one rex girl


Monday, April 18, 2016

TMGR Dain x TMGR Fairydae 4/18/16

Sire: RE Seal-point Siamese rex dwarf dumbo
Dam: Black silvermane dumbo dwarf

DOB: 4/18/16

Females (7):
  • Teri (Standard black, hairless)
  • Michelle P (Black rex, black standard)
  • Amanda C (black rex)
  • Me: Bareback and hairless

Day one: Fairy had 7 babies again! She is plump and all the babies are well fed. She's supermom.

Day 8: Babies are turning out nicely! Their fur is coming in so they have all skin flakes. Looks like 4 black berks, one black bareback, and two blue.  4 are rex fur.

Day 9: Fur is still coming in and they look like they have a nice sugary dusting. They are rooting around more and more.

Day 10: Babies have finally lost their skin flakes. The two hairless are definintly showing their lack of fuz! It was hard to tell at first but there is no doubt now. So 4 black girls (2 rex), 2 hairless girls, and one bareback girl.  

Day 11: Their teeth get longer every day!

Day 12

5/09/16 Three weeks old today! Tryn is raising them so her social personality is a positive influence.

 5/13/16 Friday the 13th! These lucky babies have had a long playtime and were introduced to Imogene's younger babies. They live with Tryn's girls so they make an appearance in the photos and videos. 

5/24/16: Babies are fully weaned and off to new homes soon. Sniff.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AGCR Velichor x AGCR Trinity 3/30/16

Sire: AGCR Velichor-Black roan dumbo

Dam: AGCR Trinity-Agouti roan dumbo

DOB: 3/30/16

Male: 4

Adopters of males:

Jules: 1 agouti dwarf
Mina: 1 blue dwarf
Me: 1 agouti dwarf
Alyssa: 1 agouti standard

Adopters of females
 Me: 1 blue standard
 Sarah R: 1 agouti standard
 Laura I: 1 agouti standard
 Mina: 1 agouti dwarf
 Jacquelyn (2): 2 agouti standard

3/30/16: Babies are doing well! Milk bands and happy. Well cleaned. Tryn is being such a good mommy.

Day four: 4/02/16 everyone is doing very well! Huge and patterns are already showing. There looks to be several agouti. Possible chance for dwarf (2 males look dwarf, 3 females, but they could be runts)

Day six: 4/04/16 Babies are so big!! They are becoming stronger and scooting around. Trinity loves shredding the towels and burying her babies.


Day seven: 4/05/16 Patterns are coming in stronger. I can start to see little skin flecks as fur starts to come in more.

Day eight: 4/06/16 Squeeee the babies are so fuzzy today! Huge and plump. Tryn is a superb mother!



 Day nine: 4/07/16 Sadly I will be going out of town for three days.  But I'll be back on day 12 and they will not be opening eyes JUST yet so I will get to capture this. They are SO fat and healthy. I am so happy Tryn is great. She gets a protein enriched diet to ensure her weight and the pups are all steady and healthy.

Day 13: 4/11/15: Babies age huge and furry! They are all agouti and blue. Eyes should be opening soon.

Day 14: 4/12/16 There is a big difference between the dwarf and standard now. They are eating a lot and Tryn has had to have increased protein to maintain a healthy weight.

Day 15: 4/13/16 Eyes are open!!!! Not all of them yet, but several babies have both eyes open. They are so confused. Right now nothing scares them because they don't know what is going on but soon they will have to be exposed to many things so they learn to not startle.

**** Eyes Open Video ***

Day 16: 4/15/16 Everyone's eyes are open and they are roaming! Check out the video of them exploring the play area for the first time. They are all over the cage and Tryn is hiding.

*** Playtime Video ***

Day 17: 4/16/16: Babies are quite mobile these days! They are starting to nibble real food and pester mum! Check out this video of them walking around more!

***2.5 Weeks Old***

Day 19: 4/18/16 Babies are so bold and chill! Tryn continues to try and escape her tiny minions.

Day 21: Three weeks old today!! Ding ding ding!!! Enjoy these cute videos :)
***Three Weeks Old: SWARM***
***Trying to Use the Wheel***
Day 25: Babies traveled with me on a road trip and were still bouncy afterwards.

Day 26: The babies enjoying leg stretching

*** Play Time *** 
Day 27: Bath tub play date! They can now jump out of their plastic bin so they have been upgraded.

*** Baby Play ***
Day 30: Four weeks old!
*** Playtime ***