Monday, December 5, 2016

AGCR The Murphey x AGCR Halfcaf 12/02/16

Sire: Black silvermane downunder dumbo standard
Dam: Black bareback dumbo dwarf

AGCR The Murphey x AGCR Lacy 11/26/16

Sire: Black silvermane dumbo downunder standard
Dam: Russian blue hooded topear standard

Day one: Lacy had just four! They are the biggest babies ever. I swear she is trying to make them explode by feeding them so much.

Day 7: Little fuz is coming in! They are such blubbery babies.

AGCR Sneaky x AGCR Piper 9/21/16


Adopters of girls:
Sara L (Roan girl, blue girl)

Adopters of boy

AGCR Sneaky x AGCR Piper 
Expecting: All dumbo, russian blue roans

Paired: 8/27/16 
Born: 9/21/16

Females: 3
Males: 1

Piper has been a very good mom and babies are super chunky. This is the yearly litter that Teresa raises. 

They continue to do very well! Just being a litter of four, they get a lot of personal time with mom. So chubby!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dollar Store Fun; Decorating for Under $20

 Dog toy ropes are strung up for climbing. The green storage bin has holes drilled in the back so it can be zip tied to the wall. And the jingle ball is for fun!
 Spiderweb Halloween decor make great sleeping baskets! I also took a bucket and cut a hole to turn it into a sleeping hut.
Place-mats make excellent floor covers. Easy to rinse off and help protect little toes. I've put up more rope toys to hang as they enjoy ripping them down and chewing them. Toilet paper tubes are also a favorite.

 Baby key-chain rings and rope create things to climb on. You can use the baby chains to hook things on (like hammocks or toys). Another bucket is cut into a sleeping hut. And the bowl is also in the pet section. Rats need a big study dish so they do not flip them.
 (Wheel is not from the Dollar Store)
A ripe bridge and orange cube for climbing.
 I turned a chip bowl upside down to make a hut, then used another spider web bowl for a hammock and the pink container is another bucket on its side.
 This plastic serving platter makes a great scatter guard for messy girls (Aleida is going for it!)
 More dinner mats to cover the wire floor. And for 3 dollars at Home Depot you can get these wonderful PVC tunnels in various shapes.
 Little Half-Caf enjoying her perch
 Gemma and Lacy
                   Aleida and Harriett


Saturday, July 30, 2016

AGCR Vinnie x AGCR Ethel 7/16/16

Recessive Blazed Litter (Maggie Raised)

Ethel (Raised by Sarah)

13 babies

Amanda C (1 siamese)
Me: (2- blue with head spot, wedge)
Sarah N (Breeder: 2, head spot and blue)
Michelle and Olivia C (2 )

Me: (1)
Lauren n Shannon: (2, Siamese and blue)
Maggie: (3)

Monday, April 25, 2016

TMGR Dain x AGCR Imogene 4/25/16

Sire: Seal-point siamese dumbo rex dwarf
Dam: Agouti roan dumbo dwarf

Male: 2
Female: 3

Adopters of girls:
  • Teri (Standard hood)
  • Mina for breeding (hairless)
  • Me: Rex hood
Adopters of boys:
  • Me: Hood hairless
  • Bil Black 

Day 1: 5 well fed babies! Huzzah!

Day 2: Starting to show some patterns! They are very healthy and mama is doing well.

Day 3: There are three girls: 2 hoodeds and 2 rex, and 2 boys (one hood, one rex)
Day 4: I caught a baby yawning. They're so big now.
Day 5:

Two Weeks Old!! There are two hairless (boy and girl), and one rex girl


Monday, April 18, 2016

TMGR Dain x TMGR Fairydae 4/18/16

Sire: RE Seal-point Siamese rex dwarf dumbo
Dam: Black silvermane dumbo dwarf

DOB: 4/18/16

Females (7):
  • Teri (Standard black, hairless)
  • Michelle P (Black rex, black standard)
  • Amanda C (black rex)
  • Me: Bareback and hairless

Day one: Fairy had 7 babies again! She is plump and all the babies are well fed. She's supermom.

Day 8: Babies are turning out nicely! Their fur is coming in so they have all skin flakes. Looks like 4 black berks, one black bareback, and two blue.  4 are rex fur.

Day 9: Fur is still coming in and they look like they have a nice sugary dusting. They are rooting around more and more.

Day 10: Babies have finally lost their skin flakes. The two hairless are definintly showing their lack of fuz! It was hard to tell at first but there is no doubt now. So 4 black girls (2 rex), 2 hairless girls, and one bareback girl.  

Day 11: Their teeth get longer every day!

Day 12

5/09/16 Three weeks old today! Tryn is raising them so her social personality is a positive influence.

 5/13/16 Friday the 13th! These lucky babies have had a long playtime and were introduced to Imogene's younger babies. They live with Tryn's girls so they make an appearance in the photos and videos. 

5/24/16: Babies are fully weaned and off to new homes soon. Sniff.